Really, for you, I have no idea what your reason might be. It’s hot, sweaty, dirty, difficult and at times, it’s not generally what anyone in their right mind would call fun.

So why even do it?

Why would anyone want to become a runner?

Honestly, I’m not just messing around here, I have no idea. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I do it myself.

Most of the time though, I do have a pretty good idea.

Although that why is never set in stone and changes as frequently as the weather here in Michigan.

Here’s a few of my reasons I’ve had at one time or another as to why I run:

1. Two words: Christmas Cookies. Yes, I choose gel nimbus for my best running shoe.

2. Because my nephew’s wedding (vacation, family get together, lunch with the old gal pals, class reunion, etc.) is right around the corner.

3. I registered for a trail race. It’s a couple of months away, but I paid money for it so I probably ought to train enough to at least be able to finish it. So , if you first to trail running you have a peek here what the best choice suit for you.

trail race 5k

4. I’d then like to be actually able to wear said bathing suit when I take my kiddos to the pool and not just keep it hidden under my 4 year old’s princess beach towel in order to preserve a little dignity.

5. My kids are watching….at all times…even when I think they aren’t (oh shoot!). I want to set an example for my children that I’d actually LIKE them to follow, one of hard work, perserverance, dedication, commitment, and healthy living rather than the example that I’m naturally inclined to which involves wearing out a couch cushion faster than a pair of running shoes and sleeping until I can’t convince my little darlings it’s fun anymore.

6. I need the energy to keep up with my Tiger Toddler.

7. My 4 year old Little Miss claims she’s faster than me. I’m not ready for that to be true just yet.

8. I wanted to fit back into my pre-babies skinny jeans.

9. Then because my skinny jeans started to get tight again and I feared if I lost them once more, I’d lose them forever.

10. In a house that includes a 2 year old & a 4 year old, the chatter (which I love) is constant and it is loud. I need the silence of an early morning outdoor run or the low hum of my treadmill on an evening run.

11. In that same household, my entire world revolves around those clinging kiddos. My independence is pretty much zip. I crave the alone time.

12. When I accomplish something during a run, even if it’s just the run itself, that success and the motivation to succeed carries over into other areas of my life. If I can knock out a good run, than that towering mound of laundry or that unwritten article with a quickly creeping deadline’s got nothing on me.

13. If I’m ever chased by a bad guy, I’ll stand a fair shot at out running him.

14. I have a treadmill so I probably ought to use it.

15. I’ve had a rough day. I’m at my wits end and ready to explode on the next unfortunate soul that looks at me the wrong way. I need to run it out and clear my head. Running ALWAYS clears my head.

16. Bathing suit season is closer than I’d like to think and I’d like to shop for a new one without having to poke my eyes out in the dressing room trying them on.

bathing suit

17. It’s contagious. Nagging doesn’t get that one you love to start working out. Zip it and start running yourself. It might take some time, but the running bug is highly contagious.

18. When you gain 60+ lbs with your first pregnancy, you’d like to at least have some semblance of the pre pregnancy you.

19. Revenge. When I was pregnant with baby #1, a lady told me in all seriousness, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you will never have the body you had before you were pregnant. You’ll just never be the same.” I refused to believe that just because I had children I had to be overweight. I wanted to prove her wrong.

20. “A happy mom is a good mom,” is what my mom always tells me. I’m always in a much better mood after I run and my family is thankful for that I did as smelly as I might be.

21. Cute running clothes!!! While not in any way shape or form necessary, they’re sort of a perk. Long gone are the days of running in old ratty t-shirts and scrubby shorts, now there are hi tech wicking fabrics to keep you cool and stylish running skirts so you look good too. Bonus.

22. I like the thought that I do something other people won’t do. Not because they can’t, just because they don’t want to sacrifice the couch time to do so.

23. I can’t think of anything to write (on my blog or otherwise). The best ideas always come while running.

24. It’s all about the medal. Yes, I can’t help it. I still like to get medals (and t-shirts) from races. Age group or finishing medals, I don’t care. I love the running bling.

Running butt

25. My husband likes my running butt. (Yeah, I can’t believe I said that either. But it’s true and sometimes it’s the only reason I get on that stinking treadmill).

26. I’ve got allergy/sinus issues and running always clears it out.

27. I love the way I feel when I finish a run.

28. When my daughter is old enough to run on her school track team, and everybody’s whining about the 1-mile warm up (like I used to do), I want her to be able to say something along the lines of, “Are you kidding me? Even my mom runs farther than that! Geez, suck it up you pansies.” Ok maybe that last little part is optional, but I think you get me.

29.  There’s really no other good reason to eat mint chocolate Gu unless you run really far.

30. Because I can.